hist 101 us history of 1877 ch 1 4


Choose two colonial powers (Spain, the Netherlands, France, or England) and compare and contrast how they approached relationships with Indians in the New World. What were the reasons behind the culture class between Europeans and Native Americans? Be sure to consider how the colonial powers changed their approaches over time. (Chapter 1)

Compare and contrast the institution of slavery in two different colonial societies. (Consider the Spanish Empire, the West Indies, the Chesapeake Colonies, the Northern Colonies, or the Carolinas.) (Chapter 2; Chapter 4)
The Glorious Revolution solidified the notion that liberty was a birthright of the Englishman. Explain how the Glorious Revolution contributed to this idea and how it subsequently affected the colonies. Did all of the colonists react to the Glorious Revolution in the same way? If there were differences, what were they? How was the language of liberty used? (Chapter 3)
The slave experience was diverse in British America. Describe how slavery evolved in the various regions of British America. What role did African religions play? What liberties, if any, were extended to slaves in the northern colonies, the Chesapeake region, and the rice kingdom of South Carolina and Georgia? What was the impact of the Stono Rebellion? (Chapter 4)

Your assessment submission must include the following:

Correct grammar, spelling, and complete sentences.
All components of the essays need to be addressed.
Although length varies according to the question, answers should be no less that 350-words.
The essay answers should be be specific and demonstrate that you have mastery of the readings and the course material.
Always use your own words.
Use specific examples to illustrate claims and make sure to cite the source. You are required to cite at least THREE different sources of evidence from the textbook AND readings that illustrate your claims. Use a parenthesis and the page number, (e.g. “p. 56”). At the end of each essay question cite Foner’s book using Chicago-style citation (Links to an external site.).

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