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The review of medical subscriptions to allow more drugs to be accessed by consumers over the counter is a welcome gesture to the consumers and should be applauded. one’c health, and the initiative to empower the patients have made them more informed that they can make a decision and purchase drugs without prescription from a physician (Coulter, Parsons&Askham,2008).
Globalization of the internet and other forms of the media have also made the medicines, consumer of the current century to be more informed. Today, everywhere in the internet, there is information about all the diseases and drugs. In some instances, some hospitals refer their clients to their websites where they have published information regarding all diseases and their medications. Surprisingly enough, the patient and the physician may rely on the same site for information. Regarding chronic diseases, there has been and emphasis to increase the patient’s health literacy as a measure of treating the disease. AIDitionally, there are programs in the televisions, radios, newspapers and magazines that serve as areas of informing the client. Suchmeasures have made patients be more informed (Coulter, Parsons &Askham, 2008). It is thus true that today’s consumers are more informed about the disease process, and they may make some decisions for themselves.
Response to Forum II
Even though an aging population poses challenges of chronicity of their health problems for the health care system, the government must take care of its people. A decentralized health care system may be the best health system to provide care for such a patient population. However, a decentralized are system has drawbacks. The management team must look into ways of balancing in order to reap its benefits and deal with its challenges as much as possible.
A decentralized care system for caring for older people increases patient outcomes. In such a system, decisions are made at a level closer to the patients, meaning that patient problems are well understood. Also, it is easier to involve patients in the decision-making process about their care, improving patient outcomes. Another positive implication of the decentralized care system is that with it, it is easier to interlink community health services and the health organization (Brandes University, 2010). The follow up of care is more effective.
The system also has drawbacks. The major drawback for a decentralized health care system is cost. The system is very expensive. It requires many employees. Also, the application of new technological devices in such a system is very expensive. The new technology will need trained operators, posing more cost implications. AIDitionally, it is a bit difficult to monitor the system. The system appears fragmented, creating somehow independent centers of power that may be hard to govern (Brandes University, 2010).
Some of the strategies a CEO may employ to ensure viability of an organization includes strengthening the quality infrastructure of the unit. This will ensure that patients gain access to quality health care (Brandes University, 2010). AIDitionally, the management team can explore the option of bolstering the supportive services that can be delivered at home to reduce the organization’s burden.
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Coulter, A., Parsons, S., &Askham, J. (2008). Where re the patients in decision-making towards their own care? Copenhagen, Denmark: WHO Regional Office for Europe.
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