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General Guidance for Completing the AssignmentGeneral guidance for completing this assignment is contained in a document that can be access with this linkUDL Group Assignment Instructions v2.docx. Remember that this is general guidance. On Wednesday, October 21, detailed guidance for completing this assignment will be added to the bottom of this page.To learn about UDL, to include the UDL matrix that is central to this assignment, refer to the lesson titled, “Supporting Student Success,” and that is contained in the Week 1 module. When you access that lesson scroll down to the subheading, “Universal Design for Learning.”Group Assignment With Individual TasksThis is a group assignment that includes a group component and an individual component.As a group, you will  develop an explanation of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework that represents information from the professional literature and websites, but that is presented in your own words. Your group explanation should be clear enough for someone unfamiliar with UDL to understand.Individually, each group member will select a UDL Principle and Guideline, and then identify one or more peer reviewed articles from the professional literature that describes a strategy that is aligned to that UDL Principle/Guideline. Each individual will discuss this strategy within a section of the paper the group submits to fulfill the requirements of this assignment.A group leader will submit only one  UDL assignment document for the group that includes all members’ contributions.
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