greats lumen assignment
Initial Response: The GREATs module essay requires you to incorporate and cite evidence from at least five sources, including a non-text object (image, video, etc.) After reading the LUMEN lessons on “Photos and Illustrations,” “Visualizing Data,” and “Visual Elements”, complete the following in preparation for the module essay.

Identify a non-text object that you plan to use in the module essay. The image must be connected to your cultural artifact topic. (SMARTPHONES)
Analyze the object in terms of the elements of design listed in the Lumen lesson “Visual Elements: Play, Use and Design”.

How do the elements work together to convey a message?
How does this message connect with your analysis of a cultural artifact and its role in freedom?
Discuss and cite at least one textual source from your Annotated Bibliography that connects with the visualâ€s message.

Reflect on the ideas presented in the Lumen lesson “Visualizing Data”

Why is it important to have a “visual aspect to our information”? (McCandless).
How does the use of this visual or other object enhance your essay for readers?

Post your Visual Analysis to your groupâ€s discussion board.

Peer Responses: Review the visual analyses for all group members and provide feedback and comments for ALL group members. Look for and discuss connections between your topics and cultural artifacts. You will include this information in the final group presentation due at the end of the module!
Use the question prompts below to begin the discussions:

Connect – What connections exist between group members†posts?
Extend – What new information is learned from group members†posts? How does thinking change or shift as a result?
Challenge – What challenges or questions arise from the group members†posts? What will you need to consider moving toward the development of the module essay?

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