Forum 2 | philosophy 1010 | Prince George’s Community College

 In the Apology, Socrates likens philosophers  
to gadflies–the image is of a fly that pesters and bothers a lazy horse.  The idea is that most people need to be reminded and pestered about their faults, limitations, sins, or omissions–otherwise, they will be like the prisoners in the Cave who are not alive to their world.  Socrates thinks that the Athenians do not care for their souls, are materialistic, and love power more than virtue.  What I want you to do in this forum is to go out into your community for two or three hours and ask yourself:  is there a dominant flaw, fault, oversight that you see in most of the people around you?  In this forum, please write two paragraphs: the first paragraph will identify and describe the flaw as you see it around you. Be very specific and concrete.  Obviously, you probably won’t want to name individuals so just make up names for the people you see with this harmful trait.  In a second paragraph,  explain why you think so many peope have this fault?  Why don’t they see it and overcome it? 
In your responses, site Plato or one of our new texts at least two times.
Just label it like this: (Plato, Apology, Course Brochure).  You may go outside the course if you wish.  You can also quote other passages from the Holy Qu’ran of the Bible

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