fortune 500 social media analysis 7 10 pages

Goal of exercise: Fortune 500 is the definitive list of America’s largest company, ranked by revenue. These companies have the budgets to do incredible and competitive marketing. For this assignment, you will choose a company from the Fortune 500 list ( and analyze their social media presence. Be sure to choose one that has an active social media presence across multiple platforms.

Introduce the brand you selected (10 points)
Explain in depth what platforms the are active on and what their activity is like on those platforms (20 points)
List out and describe at least 3-6 common themes of their posts. These will be recurring themes throughout their posts. They can vary by platform. (20 points)
Give examples of 3 posts that you think are great and explain why (30 points)
Explain how they interact with people on social media, whether through comments or sharing content. What does that tell you about their relationships to their customers? (30 points)
What could you recommend that they do better? (30 points)
Works Cited (10 points)

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