finding credible sources team discussion

This is a team discussion.
Now that your team has narrowed down your topic for the Survey Research Project, it’s time to turn to the literature to see what’s out there about your topic. What do we already know about the topic? What research has already been conducted? Where are there gaps in our current knowledge? These sources will help you to develop appropriate survey questions for Part B as well as help you write the literature review for Part E of the Survey Research Project.
Each team member is to find 1 article from a peer-reviewed journal that helps your team to better understand your topic. Each person should post about distinct articles – do not duplicate any articles (you may wish to touch base with each other before writing your post to ensure no overlaps).
Your post on this discussion board should include the following:
1. Process

Explain the process you used to find your article.

What database(s) and keywords did you use?
How did you know the source was credible?
How did you narrow down articles to the most useful one?

2. Result

Provide a brief descriptive and evaluative summary of the article (in your own words – do not use any quotes).

Inform your team of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.

List the complete citation of the article in APA format.

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