Name of category
Description of category
Number of datasets in category
What are they highlighting for the category on the Web page?
Name of dataset you have selected in the category and the link to the data
Description of data source, a paragraph or two
Owner of the dataset
How the data was collected?
Size of the dataset
Formats available
Any privacy issues any laws that might apply
Five questions that you might ask that could be answered by the data in the dataset

The report should list each of the 12 questions and your response to each. Your responses must be in your own words and not include any text copied directly from the web site.The post find-a-data-source-from-data-gov-in-ecosystems-then-write-a-report-describing-the-data-source-you-have-selected-including-the-following-information-1 first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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