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Essay 3 Comparison Choice [Thematic/Argument Choice (follows)]

Who’s your Favorite?
We have favorites—our favorite pair of pajamas, our favorite movie, our favorite family member (we all know…). And, we have our reasons why those things are our favorites. If you think about it, you’ll come up which elements, make one thing better than another.
In comparing two versions of the same story, you will develop and support your opinion through critical analysis. You must choose which telling of a particular fairy tale is the strongest and explain why. For this essay, use one version from the textbook and you may use any other version of the same story (see bullet below).
Assignment: Using comparison and contrast, write an evaluation of one of the Fairy Tales presented in this textbook, giving the reasons one version is stronger than the other:

Engage in pre-reflection by thinking about or writing about what made you choose that story in the first place;
Decide which elements make the preferred story outshine the other, and discuss;
Develop your opinion and support with evidence;
See what other scholars have to say on the matter—and agree or disagree with their reasoning (two relevant, scholarly sources);
You are allowed to choose the story used for your discussion lead, but not for your other essay; and
You must use one version from the textbook, but may use any other version of the story—film, novel, video, song, photo, picture book, manga, painting, graphic novel, tv show, spoken word, poem, etc. Really ANY other version.

Your evaluation will offer an original idea or thesis (you came up with it based on your analysis) that is fully supported by evidence from the fairy tales and use two relevant, scholarly sources that you quote and respond to. (Remember we’ve practiced this all semester—agree/disagree/I have a question.)

You have already done every part of this, but now you are giving your ideas a more formal shape and putting them on paper.
Aim for approximately 1200 words.


Brief, specific summary of the stories to give the reader context (maximum of two sentences).
Clear, strong opinion (evaluation of which story is the strongest/better story).
Clear, relevant support (one or a few specific elements that support your main idea).
Correct incorporation of quoted material (inclusion, punctuation, & in-text citations) Note: quoted material should be less than 20% of the essay—it’s only purpose is to support your ideas.
MLA, APA or Chicago Style (you can choose what you know best or will need to know for your discipline—but be consistent).
Correct Works Cited (relevant sources, full citations).

Elements of Essay

Assessment Criteria


Is my paper well-defined, showing insightful analysis and interpretation? Does the format & structure of my essay work with my main idea? Balanced introduction and conclusion? Graceful and effective transitions?


Does my writing include compelling word choice, demonstrating insightful use of figurative language?

Sentence Structure

Are my sentences carefully formed and positioned with attention to emphasis, rhythm, and pace to engage the reader?

Grammar and Mechanics

Does my writing demonstrate a mastery of grammar, creating compelling prose, with few to no errors?

Research and Documentation

Are my included examples relevant? Are they accurately and skillfully quoted, included, and discussed as support of my ideas? Are my sources in correct MLA or APA format, both in-text and in the Works Cited?

I want you to compare the story i provided in the attachment “The beauty and The Beast By brother’s grimms” only this story dont take this story from other sources use the attached picture, and compare this story with the beauty and the beast by the disney movie “beauty and the beast”, and as i its says above you should use scholarly sources! dont use blogs please
and please becarefull with the citation!!!! cite very well please this is the most important thing i care about i will see the books you cite from them and please provide the each sited work with the page number so i can see them in the books
Aim for approximately 1200 words.

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