Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment
Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

Understand the relationship between the physical work environment and the employeeâ€s morale and performance.
Apply principles of ergonomics to design a work space which meets the needs of the employee and produces a healthy and productive environment.
Perform an ergonomic assessment of an existing work space.
Submit your assessment in a Word document to the drop box as instructed.


Review the PowerPoint presentation in Lecture Notes on ergonomics.
Do a Web search on ergonomics and review various sites to gain more insight into this topic.
This activity is designed to give you an opportunity to apply ergonomic principles to evaluate an existing computer work station. You may evaluate your own computer work station or that of a co-worker or friend.
Based on principles from your reading and research, assess the computer workstation and work habits of the user for ergonomic effectiveness. Consider lighting, chair, desk, position of computer and monitor, and any environmental factors. Discuss work habits, both positive and negative.
Provide justification for your assessment and a plan of correction for improving ergonomic work status.
Use Microsoft Word to produce a 2 to 3-page evaluation and correction plan.

This activity will be evaluated for:

Completeness of observations
Accuracy of assessment
Appropriate plan of correction

Estimated Student Time for Activity: 2 hours

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