Environmental Science

The primary source of answers comes from the course Read and Attend sections.
Complete: a minimum of 1000 words (total assignment) and three scholarly resources.

1.How much of the water on earth is fresh? Why is most of the fresh water unavailable for direct use by organisms?
2. Describe the zones of aquifers and how the water table changes its position over time.
Use your own words to describe the terms runoff, watershed, and floodplain.
Thoroughly describe the littoral, benthic, and limnetic zones of a lake.
What are wetlands? Name two types of wetlands and describe their functions in nature.
Thoroughly describe the intertidal, littoral, photic, benthic, and pelagic zones in the ocean.
Use your own words to describe the four layers of the atmosphere starting at the surface of the planet and going up in altitude.

Describe the movement of air in Hadley cells. Describe the movement of air in Ferrell cells.
Why is indoor air pollution typically more dangerous than outdoor air pollution? What is the most common indoor air pollutant in the developed world? What about in developing nations?
Thoroughly describe the effects of excessive nutrient pollution in surface water ways. The post Environmental Science first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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