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Compose a 1000 words essay on Lowering the drinking age. Needs to be plagiarism free!This essay establishes varied approaches that depict the merits and demerits of lowering the drinking age.Researchers establish that the American youths should gain access to drinking after attaining the majority age of eighteen having the ability to distinguish the good from the bad accordingly. The reason established is that the constraints in prevalence over drinking remains ineffective as the youths would access alcohol by practicing other uncensored alternatives. For example, the youth were adapting to distinct approaches to the habit, through organizing parties as the best alternatives to drinking. The reason behind the resolution into beer parties is a deviant from the authorities that controlled the drinking points. Further, the youth below the drinking age remain vulnerable to unhealthy drinking practices as much as they practiced it in isolation (Toomey, Nelson, and Lenk, 2009).The behavior is predominantly possessive, and the authorities should ease the stringent measures over the drinking age. Arguments are that the importance of allowing teenagers into alcoholism through reducing the limit to the age of eighteen (Rigler, 2000). The controversy is that, the government stands accused on the measures on drinking, stipulating that the measures have indirectly stimulated indulgence into the habit, rather than reducing. There is likeliness that the youths continually indulge into drinking, a factor propelled by the urge to experience different dimensions that seem attractive although restricted by the law (Smith, 1995).Different findings establish that because of the perceived oppression following the sanctioned drinking age of 18 years, the youth continually indulge into the habit as it is common that humans are defiant to change and will react accordingly. Evidence depicts that the youth are curious on attaining the drinking age of twenty-one, and with an
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