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my paper topic is- banned products the paper draft at least 3 pages with doble space.
paper draft requirement:
1 provided all details necessary to support elements of analysis. editing for relevance obvious.
2 identifies and explains multiple morally significant features of the case. including multiple significant concepts theories or ideas from course content.
3 presents an interesting original strong .well -reasoned argument
4 presents an interesting ,original well-informed, strong well-reasoned objection and a strong well reasoned response.
5 uses variety words ,phrases and clauses to create cohesion and clarify the relationships among the claims ,reasons and evidence.
6 establishes and maintains a formal style/ demonstrates exceptional command of the conventions of standard written language and is free of errors.

the first documents is paper sample for helping understand if you have any questions.( it is not my topic )
In the sample, blue highlighting = explanation, yellow highlighting = analysis, green highlighting = argument, red highlighting = objection, and purple highlighting = response.

the second documents is my paper example ( please use the example only ,don’t use any other website article )

the last documents is summary for my paper .
thanks . let me know if you have any questions.

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