do a poster about renewable energy design

In this assignment, you will design TWO renewable energy systems for powering the cities of Las Vegas and another of your choosing (from the given options on the NOVA Labs website). You will use real data from the NOVA Labs website. To access this data you need to take the “Research Challenge“. The challenge for this assignment is to help the two cities (Vegas and the other that you have chosen) meet the energy generation goals given by the “Research Challenge”, and to compare and contrast the design challenges and benefits of using renewable energy in these cities.

Summarize your design and the results of testing the systems in a poster.
Include: (A) a detailed description of your renewable energy system; (B) your estimate of how successful it will be in meeting the challenge; (C) What is the actual cost of adding the renewable energy system if the cost of saving CO2 emissions is also factored into the cost determination; (D) Given the current costs of CO2 emissions does your assessment in C lead you to recommend additional investment in renewables or a decrease in investment in renewables?; (E) Finally, research what kind of renewable energy sources are available in your hometown, and how they are currently being used. If, for example, your region of choice is in the state of MA you can find relevant information on the following website.
Note: You should include screenshots of your test runs to improve the quality of your poster. You can use any poster template of your choice of size 4’x3′. You should only submit a PDF copy of your poster.
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