I need these questions answered in about 200 words eachDNP PROJECT UNIT 5 DQThis week’s discussion post asks you to consider what a DPI project is and how you are incorporating the Christian worldview into the project. As a Christian university, GCU integrates faith, learning, work, and service in an effort to honor God in all that it does, and encourages others to join in these endeavors. In what ways does your project reflect this?DNP PROJECT UNIT 6 DQHow are you incorporating technology at your site to enhance your project? What technology will you use to gather data and analyze the data?DNP PROJECT UNIT 7 DQThis week’s discussion post is on how to write your abstract. Go to the DC Network and in the DNP Program Documents you will see the abstract template to help learners. Write the abstract and share it with your peers. You will not have the data, but you can practice writing the abstract as it is expected to be written for AQR. (You do not get scored by AQR 1 on this process.) (Template is Attached)As we work on this week’s work Please take some time to respond to the follow questions1. Does your site have an IRB or Nursing QI/Research council you have to go through for approval of your project? Make sure to state which one if there is one as well as how much time you will need for them to review your project before you get approval. This is important because you will need to get through that before you can get through GCU IRB2. Does your project use an instrument or tool? Have you gotten permission to use it if it is copyrighted? or needs permission to use? Has it been used in other similar project or other research on your topic3. How will you collect your data on your outcome? will you need other people to do it for you? will it be done by your site? is it pulling aggregate  of electronic health record data ? Self report by your population?4. How will you protect your data? Will you collect HPI? What will you do with the data once your project is over? A lot of you did not discuss this in your postings and it is an important part of ethical consideration.
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