Discussion: understanding the purposes of evaluation and identifying | PUBH4100 | Walden University

A stakeholder is “any person, community, or organization with a vested interest in a program; e.g., decision makers, partners, clients.” (McKenzie, 2017, page 11) Stakeholders are more than just people who participate in the program; they are decision makers, implementers, partners, and other people who impact or are impacted by the program.
In this Discussion, you will analyze different examples of health programs that have been evaluated and published. You will identify the stakeholders for the example programs and determine which purposes of evaluation apply.
To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation. Reflect on the steps and standards related to engaging stakeholders.
Review the six purposes of evaluation in the McKenzie, Neiger, and Thackeray text. Think about which purposes apply to the example public health programs and why they are important.
Review the Week 1 Health Program Articles (in the Learning Resources) and select one health program to address.
Imagine who the stakeholders might be for your selected program. If the abstract does not list stakeholders specifically, you can suggest who might have been involved.
Think about potential stakeholder expectations and how those expectations may influence the purposes of program evaluation.
Review the Course Project Guidelines (in the Learning Resources).

With these thoughts in mind:
By Day 4
Post a comprehensive response to the following:

Indicate which of the Health Program Articles you chose (see the Learning Resources).
List the stakeholders within each of the following roles:

Those involved in program operations
Those served or affected by the program
The primary users of the evaluation results

Explain what different stakeholders may expect from the evaluation.
Explain which of the six purposes of evaluation apply to the published program that you selected.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.
Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

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