Discussion on the 9th billion person in the world.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on the 9th billion person in the world. Needs to be plagiarism free! This era lasted a century and a half till 1970, by which time a new global economic paradigm was beginning to take shape.
The 1970s is the pivotal decade in which the neo-liberal economic model (also commonly called ‘globalization’) was being adopted as the core government policy. The United States can be said to have masterminded this transition from industrial-capitalist to the global neo-liberal program. It is not a straightforward case of unrelenting progress from agrarian to industrial to neo-liberal economic structures. If the growing disparity in the distribution of health and wealth across the globe is taken into account, then it is easy to get nostalgic about the ‘good old days’. At the time when globalization was being adopted as the preferred system, the United States was engaged in a Cold War with the Soviet Union. The threat of war and the paranoia surrounding the Russian nuclear arsenal enabled successive American governments to enact policies that favored select elite interests. A majority of the population was left out of the decision-making process, whereas business leaders got to dictate policies to those inhabiting the executive branch of government. In this sense, it is fair to say that the era of globalization was kick-started by the Jimmy Carter administration and consolidated and taken forward by all successive governments.
Globalization would not have been as ubiquitous today, if not for the co-operation and co-option of most national governments. Though the United States and some Western European powers masterminded the globalization process, it would not have materialized without the assent (willing or compelled) of various regional leaders across the globe. To give it due credit, erstwhile lagging economies of countries like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and China really prospered during the era of globalization.&nbsp. Numerous other countries like India, Brazil, and Russia are beginning to develop their economies in an impressive manner. But the economic gains created under globalization were seldom equitably distributed. &nbsp.
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