Discussion on Children Are Our Everything.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Children Are Our Everything. While raising a child, there are various other crucial considerations and challenges such as ensuring as a safe and healthy environment for the child. providing for their physical and emotional needs. planning for their future and education.
The noneconomical as, as well as moral standards of living,e has undergone significant changes over the years, resulting in a drastic and simultaneous change in parenting. Parents today are left with very little time due to increased working hours, and the changing employment market. Furthermore, the advent of consumerism has also played a key role in bringing about a sea change in the manner in which children are raised. This paper on ‘A bad time to raise a child’ analyzes and explores the various anxieties and issues faced by the parents while raising their children, and discuss the impact and consequences of the same on the children.
The manner, in which people earn and live, is largely dependent on the social structures of their respective countries. These social structures tend to change over time, and have a direct and significant impact on the economic activities, thus ultimately resulting in a widespread change in various parts of our social lives (Dutta, and Jackson, 2003. Calvo´-Armengol, 2004). The introduction of new and state of the art technology and its seamless assimilation within businesses, have made them globally interdependent. Businesses have become more efficient and the employment structures have now expanded to include ‘work-from-home’ jobs, thus resulting in longer working hours (Ellen, and Loewy, 2010).

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Such changes have posed unique challenges for parents, and more so for single parents. There has been extensive research, on the subject with regard to exploring the impact of long working hours on parenting. It has been observed that, the complex work schedules of parents in recent times, has resulted in a negative relationship between parents and their children.&nbsp.
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