discussion 5

As a special education leader, it is crucial that you have a process by which you regularly evaluate what is working well and what is not. This important process is about achieving and sustaining success, a process that consists of components that can be replicated. Sustaining whole system change in education requires leaders at various levels of the organization engaging in collaborative conversations, designing innovative and meaningful programs, and having the ability to manage outcomes. For this Discussion, you will evaluate components of sustainability and apply those skills in analyzing the two Sustainability Scenarios. As a leader in the field of special education, how will you create an effective model of measuring sustainability?To Prepare:Review the articles on sustainability. Make notes of components of sustainability identified in successful districts.Review the McIntosh et al. article. Reflect on the four factors contributing to sustainability.Reflect on the Ontario Reform Strategy in Chapter 5 of the Fullan and Quinn text, concentrating on special education aspects.ReadThe Components of Sustainabilityprovided in the Module Resources. Focus on components of sustainability evident in both districts. Consider other aspects of the Coherence Framework that support sustainability.Identify five additional scholarly sources that would support your position on components of sustainability.By Day 3 of Week 8Post your analysis of effective components of sustainability identified through your research and module resources. Based on the components chosen, identify components of sustainability evident in both districts. Which components of sustainability might be missing in the unsuccessful district? Compare and contrast any notable differences as they relate to sustaining and achieving success. Explain which components of the coherence framework are evident at Kristi’s site as opposed to Jenny’s. How do these factors impact the components of sustainability? Explain your answer. Include at least five scholarly resources to support your position.SCENARIO is attached.Also more graphics A full-color version of this infographic is also available for download at http://www.corwin.com/ books/Book244044 under “About” and then “Sample Materials and Chapter
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