Discussion # 4 (3119) – My Nursing Assignment

Review how one of the following theorists have influenced: quality improvement, decisions on quality care, patient health, and safety goals:
1. Dorothea Orem,
2. Betty Neuman,
3. Madeleine Leininger,
4. Jean Watson, and
5. Patricia Benner.
Primary reference must be from peer-reviewed NURSING journals less than 5 y/o. One other reference may be from National professional, or governmental, or educational organizations. Supplemental  references (.org, .gov, and .edu) and the course textbook may be used as supplemental references:
George, J. (2011). Nursing theories: The base for professional practice (6thed.). Boston: Pearson.
The initial posting must have a different reference than the response to peer posting. See grading criteria and rubric for discussion postings. APA format required.
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