Discuss Political Transitions in East and Southeast Asia.

Hi, need to submit a 4000 words paper on the topic Political Transitions in East and Southeast Asia. This is important in the academic field because it is about social and political awareness in which the students should be concerned and have the knowledge to prepare them for active social and political life. It encourages discussion and debate on how South Korea and new Asian democracies in the third wave of democratization evolved and how the people view and value democracy in the midst of economic struggles.
This question can be addressed by looking at the people’s involvement or membership in voluntary organizations, which have mushroomed since the country’s transition to democracy in 1987. Civil society and voluntary organizations have participated in the social and political activities in South Korea, improving the people’s outlook and enhancing their quality of life. Today, these organizations influence the economic policy-making of the government and perceptions of important social and political issues of Korea.
The third wave is about the wave of democratic transitions of many countries, which began in Portugal in 1974, Africa, and East and Southeast Asia. In South Korea, it started in 1960 until the overthrow of the authoritarian regime in 1987. The third wave is about democracy, about how these states fought for democracy, and how they survived up to this time of intense globalization and competition.

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The first drama unfolded in Portugal. Young members of the Portuguese military, concentrated in and around Lisbon, responded to a call from a radio station after it played the song “Grandola Vila Morena,” a signal to start the coup d’etat. It was a very successful takeover of the military, wherein troops occupied key agencies of the government, including broadcast stations and key installations. The people supported the coup, forcing the dictator, Marcello Caetano, to surrender and submit himself to exile. This Portuguese coup became “an implausible beginning” of a series of protest movements in the different&nbsp.parts of the world. Huntington (1955) calls it implausible because coups d’etat are used to “overthrow democratic regimes than introduce them” (p. 4).&nbsp.
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