Discuss construction of scientific knowledge.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on construction of scientific knowledge. Needs to be plagiarism free! The social groups in which one is involved share typical features in terms of their thought structures which are structured in their traditions and cultures as a result of social interactions. His view of science is based on the historical perspectives of though styles and the relevant changes that have taken place over time to result to new and distinct scientific facts through social actions. In his view, science should object to construct definite and certain facts which are objective leading to the emergent of the epistemology of scientific application. His view seeks to evaluate the different methods which are used in the establishment of scientific facts.
Fleck criticizes normative epistemology as a method of producing scientific facts on the basis that it is rather “obsolete” (Fleck, 51). According to him, there are three stages for the construction of scientific facts. the first stage involves the signal of resistance in confused thinking on a person at initial stages of thinking, followed by a more definite thought construct and lastly, the thought produced is expressly apparent (Fleck, 95). The scientific facts contain both active and passive aspects which are aligned with controls forced by the thought- styles and possible impacts they may have. The facts increase with time while the wide range of differences in ideas decrease as the new ideas become constrained with time. He uses a model exhibiting the thought process in which thoughts are depicted using intersecting strands. The facts in the model function as nodes which merge and then diverge into many strands of different types of research. With the decrease in arguments and criticism over time, the model leads to the production of new scientific facts. As such, the model is more efficient and leads to escalated knowledge development.
Due to the emergence and widespread of the historical process in the line of inquiry which extricates un-evidenced opinion from scientific facts, there is always a justification which determines the factualness of the inquiry.&nbsp. &nbsp.
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