diagnostic essay definition and explanation sources plato apology phaedo crito or allegory

For this essay, I will define and explain how the author uses all three of Aristotleâ€s rhetorical appeals—ethos, pathos, or logos—and then argue which appeal the author used most effectively and why.
Your thesis should not state that the appeals were used to be persuasive. The thesis should state which appeal was used most successfully (subject) and why (treatment).
You may choose one and only one of the sources from this list. No outside sources of any kind.

Plato (one work and one work only)

Apology, Phaedo, Crito, or Allegory

Musashi (Book of Earth only)

The essay should be no longer than 2-3 pages. Your essay must be a minimum of 2 Full pages and 5 complete paragraphs
Basic Requirements
For any Formal Academic Essay to receive full credit, it must meet the following requirements. Any derivation will result in a lowering of your essay’s grade:

Typed, no hand-written essays whatsoever;
12 point font, no other font sizes whatsoever;
Times New Roman, no other fonts whatsoever;
2.0 spacing, no single-spaced essays whatsoever;
All essay must be submitted online;
All essays must be submitted to Turnitin.com and receive a score of less than 15% on an originality report;

Essays with reports above 15% will be investigated on an individual basis and may be cleared;

All essays must be turned in through Canvas; no email or other digital submissions, except with my permission or by my request;
All essay be the full length as required by the directions;
All essays, should they require research, must have the required number of sources;
Any research must be from approved sources as outlined in the instructions;

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