depression diagnostic and treatment – Psychology Homework

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 Depression diagnostic and treatments The tittle applied to psychology and your field of study.When that word or terminology was coined? Why the name of the disorder / concept or definition.Criteria to be followed in order to be diagnosed with this specific disorder according to the DSM-5 Edition.HistoryScholars or theorist related to that topicCausesSymptomsDifferent typesPreventionsTreatment plans for short-term goals and long-term goalsTips or suggestions on how to overcome the disorderParenting skills to help the individualsHow it apply to your fieldControversies around that topicUniversity -Class – and section Instructor, with credentialsTerm -Your name Next page – Abstract page (1) Is a paragraph ( at least 8 lines)  – Content pages at least (5)– Conclusion page (1) In your own words, what you found after doing the literature research and your personal opinions. IT IS YOUR CONCLUSION – – Reference page (1). Make sure is written using the name of the journals, books or any proper reference.  Minimum total number of pages 9.In addition, it must be typed using APA style, and Times New Roman, and font 12. 1.5 space. – Research findings from a Database to support your information.– It includes at least three (3) academic/scholarly journals (Primary Sources) from journals in Psychology.
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