critical discussion and real life business examples

Below are 3 main sections, and the requirement under each section;
1. Kindly read the readings list
2. Critically discuss and present other point of views based on additional Literature review + real life business examples (if possible)
Sec1: Managing Financialised Firms
Bebchuk, L. and Spamann,H. (2010) “Regulating Bankersâ€s Pay” Harvard John M. Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business, Discussion Paper No. 641 available at
Ertürk et al. (2007) “Against agency: a positional critique”, Economy and Society Volume 36 Number 1, pp. 51-77.
Froud et al. (2000) ‘Shareholder value and financialisation: consultancy promises, management movesâ€, Economy and Society, 29 (1): 80–120.
Hill, A. (April 18, 2016) “Four ways to bring galactic executive pay back to down to earth” , Financial Times available at
Sec2: Social context of firms
Edelman (2019) EdelmanTrust Barometer 2019, available at, A. G. (2015) “Who owns a company?” Speech given at the University of Edinburgh Corporate Finance Conference 22 May 2015, available at:
Fernandez, R. and Hendrikse, R. P. (2015) “Rich corporations, poor societies: The financialisation of Apple”, available at:
Polman, P. (2014) “Business, society, and the future of capitalism”, available at:
Sec3: Business and Ethics
Ertürk et al. (2007) “The democratization of finance? Promises, outcomes and conditions”, Review of International Political Economy 14:4
McKinsey Global Institute (2016) Poorer than Their Parents? Flat or Falling Incomes in Advanced Economies, available at:
Rhodes, C. (2016) “Democratic Business Ethics: Volkswagenâ€s emissions scandal and the disruption of corporate sovereignty”, Organization Studies
3. Finally, discuss whether it is possible for public companies with distributed ownership to achieve both financial goals and social goals at the same time by giving well-researched example or examples from real-life/your own business environment.
Additional Notes:
** Words = 2000
** References = excluding the above references (15), so in total (25) references
** Preferred Referencing = Harvard style
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