Imagine you have one year and want to give your time to a just cause. Pick a human rights organization that is based or works in your region ( SINGAPORE !). Find a local NGO in your region or an NGO that has a strong local presence in your country or region. Analyze the NGO carefully and critically. Give your reasons for joining the organization.

In your exploration please address the following four parts:

What are pressing concerns in the world, which influenced you when you decided to choose this NGO? What do you see yourself doing for the NGO? Do they take volunteers or interns?
Give an overview of the NGO’s policies. To whom do they report (who are the board or council members), how do they manage their money, what is their budget, who are the donors, what causes do they support?
Do they have a clear mission and vision? Do they have an action plan – see for ex.
Is the NGO connected to other NGOs? Is there collaboration? Is there oversight? Do they have an exemplary model (another NGO or organization) they are striving to achieve? Do they follow the guidelines of the Sphere Project Handbook that Linda Polman refers to in her book? or are they connected with ALNAP?

This report needs to be have clearly stated sources. This assignment has two parts, a report consisting of a ppt or prezi (8-10 slides) and a written statement (3-4 double spaced pages) addressing pros and cons about the NGO and why you chose it.
A) PPT: In the ppt you can outline for ex. the mission statement in bullet points, add website pictures, refer to an NGO that serves as a model, give the budget in graph form, etc.
B) Written: The accompanying written report of at least 3 pages explains why you chose the organization and present an analysis in connection with your ppt slides. Use the questions above and site your sources.
**Possible sites for finding NGOs (you will find many more sites online) and other information:
– Whole Planet Foundation
– Universal Giving
– The Christian Science Monitor (CSM) lists several NGOs every week under “Making a Difference” csm_page_special-headerNav
– These two sites provide a long list of environmental groups
– Environment and Human Rights:
– Emory University website on globalization post country-is-singapore-due-in-13-hours first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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