contraception communication and traumatic injury

CHFD312 Due 6pm Wednesday 2/11/2015
Traumatic Injury (400 words) References required
Many traumatic injuries can be prevented. ThinkFirst ( is an organization that addresses prevention (research and policy) of injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), and other injuries. Explore the website and:

Discuss a minimum of one prevention strategy to prevent TBI in children and youth.

Describe the role teachers and other school staff should play in the area of prevention. Should schools be responsible for prevention programs? If not who?

CHFD220 Reference Required
Contraception Communication Due 6pm Wednesday 2/11/2015 (400 Words)
Sperm Durex Commercial
Compare a contraceptive’s perfect use with its typical use. Discuss factors that may influence each.
OPTIONAL: Share the url to your Pinterest board here as well.

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