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Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirthtopic is Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth related to human behavior in the social environment about which you would like to develop more in-depth knowledge.(Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth)Develop 10 page paper utilizing at least 20 sources within the last ten years. Fifteen sources must be peer reviewed journal articles. The remaining five may be taken from journals, books, or instructor-approved web sites. Papers must be written according to APA specifications.Note that italics are recommendations, while normal font is what you might write:• Introductiono Discuss the population, stage of development and the disorder/challenge that is being aIDressed. This should be a couple of paragraphs, and THOROUGH!o For some of you, perhaps you might narrow your “stage” even further to only one the “table legs” such as the cognitive aspect…or social aspect.., etc.o TRICK TO TRY: I have always written my introductions last! That is, I save a space and make a few phrases; but after writing the whole body, I seem to have better clarity into what I’d place in the introduction.• Literatureo Use subheadings under this section header. How many and what they are depends on you (one theme, two themes, three…). Perhaps you might group those according populations? Perhaps towards developmental factors (physical, cognitive, social, emotional/personality, spiritual)? Perhaps based on measures that were used? Perhaps based on the different subtypes of the disorder? Perhaps cultural aspect? In the following example, I’m using interventions that hope to ameliorate the disorder I’ve chosen; the developmental aspect is narrowed to emotional/personality; and isn’t quite narrowed to one developmental stage (which I DO recommend).o DO NOT USE BULLET POINTS!!!!!!! USE PARAGRAPHS UNDER SUBHEADERS!!!!!! And remember that the main headers are what?… exactly, “centered and capitalized” according to APA style.o TRICK TO TRY: If you can’t see the themes, sit at a table/desk/floor and start to develop two piles based on something…then perhaps you’ll notice you’ll need three…or four…nope, three was enough, because pile three was the combo between one and two. Whatever.o (Here might be a subheading of the first theme you see in the 20 source…let’s say it’s “Flowers”).? You might say that “Research indicates that daisies improve the mood of some clients (A, 2001; B, 2013, C, 2011). However, C reported that it only worked with Tellatubbies and not the general population (2011). Further, the daisies were often international, suggesting perhaps a variable that might flaw conclusions based on these studies.? D and E (2011) noted that “roses, in every [subject] they studied, increased ‘glum’ scores to ‘chipper’ scores according to the Beck Depressions Inventory (BDI). Numerous later studies corroborated these findings using the FF Scale (F, 2012), children (G, 2013), or the elderly (H, 2013). Despite changes in populations or measures, roses to seem to affect mood.? More stuff perhaps.? A mini-summary might go hereo (Here might be a subheading of the second theme you see in the 20 source…let’s say it’s “Balloons”).? In a seminal work using Mylar balloons and with an N of 2,200 subjects, I (2009) reported significant results in subjects’ moods according to both BDI and FF Scale ratings. Other studies corroborated this conclusion (J & K, in print), with one noting that the message of the balloons perhaps provided more positive change (L, in print).? Other studies that used balloons along with…I don’t know…stuffed bears might go here.? A summary might go here.o (Here might be a subheading of a third theme you see in the 20 source that might combine flowers, balloons, and other things like stuffed animals or candy).? Stuff? Stuff? A summary might go here.• Conclusionso Wrap all three (or however many you have) summaries up. You might note further questions or objections that you have to the literature as well.o Slightly reiterate your “wrap up” from above towards an overall conclusion Perhaps, here, you might offer a hypothesis that “this or that affects such at this developmental stage and in such and such capacity” in the sentences.Tutorials on Literature Reviews (from UMaryland):

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