Compare and Contrast The fall of the house of usher and how much land does a man need.

Compare and Contrast The fall of the house of usher and how much land does a man need.
Compare and Contrast The fall of the house of usher and how much land does a man needPaper detailsHide Folder InformationFolderESSAY 2InstructionsTopic for Paper 2: How does a literary element help the reader to understand the theme of short stories?Objectives:To demonstrate understanding of a literary element through its application to two short storiesTo develop analysis by applying a literary element to demonstrate a theme of a piece of literatureTo synthesize material from two sources into a clear and logically organized presentationTo demonstrate control over sentence level construction by writing in standard American EnglishTo demonstrate control over documentation of intextsource material and developing a Work Cited page in the style ofMLA formattingTo demonstrate metacognition in the process of writingGeneral Instructions:In Paper 1, you developed an initial thesis statement that considered how a theme is shown in a short story. In Paper 2,you will be building on that discussion by considering and analyzing a second story. You will be developing acomparison/contrast paper that focuses on synthesizing material from Paper 1 and your stories as well as introducing aliterary element. You will be using the feedback you received on Paper 1 from your instructor to help you refine thepresentation of content in Paper 2.For Paper 2, review the selection of stories and choose another story that would work with your previously chosen themeand short story.Thesis: Your thesis statement should include both stories, the element, and the theme. You will work on the thesis, patternof organization, and outline in the Week 5 discussion. Topic sentences for the outline will also be reviewed.Development: The development or body of the paper will focus on analyzing how the literary element connects to themeaning of the theme in both stories. During Weeks 6, 7, and 8, in the discussions, you will review the following writingstrategies to develop your paper:development of body paragraphs that include comparison/contrast and synthesis (including the introduction of the newmaterial from your second story to your discussion of the first story from Paper 1 and the comparing and contrasting of theelement in the two stories)development and management of the “they say/I say” components for integration of multiple sourcesinclusion of demonstrable claims and warrantsusing keywords of lengthy quotations as developmentproviding topic sentences and transition to ensure a unified structureSentence Level and MLA: Your writing should be carefully proofed for sentencelevelconcerns. It should be formatted anddocumented according to MLA documentation in the form of parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page (work from ananthology). Throughout the writing of Paper 2, you will be applying these grammatical and documentation skills youlearned from Paper 1 to Paper 2.Reminder: As in Paper 1, remember that your reader has read the story and is familiar with the literary elements. You donot have to spend time on summary or providing definitions of your chosen element. Instead, your development shouldexplain and analyze how the element helps your reader understand the theme.Reflection: When complete, upload your work to the Assignment Folder within the link “Paper 2” by the deadline. On aseparate page of your submission, provide an overview of your writing process for this paper. Of particular note, includehow your writing process integrated what you learned in writing Paper 1 to Paper 2.Word Count: 8001,000wordsI. STYLE GUIDELINES: APPLY THE MODERN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION (MLA) STYLE GUIDELINES TO YOUR ESSAY:Format, Documentation and Citation. (NOTE: other disciplines may use other style guidelines. The important thing to learnis to apply the appropriate guidelines in any course. MLA is the standard for English courses and courses in modernforeign languages).For specific details of MLA style guidelines go to: MLA style guidelines to:1) Format your paper’s manuscript2) Use and format intext

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