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Paper has to be written as if you observed kids in a daycare setting
2 pages apa (500-600 words)
I need two sources used on this one please , It also needs to current within 5 years
t just has to be written as if you were watching a few kids in a day care and one of the articles has to be evidence-based nursing research article if possible
Assignment Topic
Clarify the interrelationship of the biologic, cognitive, and social age-related development in a child with a functional or dysfunctional health pattern through observation and an evaluation of a current evidence-based nursing research article.

Recognize growth and development patterns, including both normal and delayed patterns.
Perform a growth and development assessment on a child through simple observation.
Recognize speech and language development, including both normal and delayed developments.
Observe therapeutic play activities with non-hospitalized children that contribute to optimum growth and development.

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