Case Study Analysis

Help in finishing the questions below. No more than 600 words. Also please APA reference and cite work.
In many cases, communities are moving away from planning for natural disasters such as hurricanes, localized flooding, and storm surge, and instead focusing on building resilience into both natural and the built environment. The “resilience” approach focuses on creating or modifying infrastructure or installing more natural shorelines (vegetated vs. hard structures) rather than on rebuilding the same structures within the flood zone as they were prior to having been destroyed.
Do some research on resilience as it relates to sea level rise and consider the costs and benefits (using economic, social, and environmental factors) of resilience strategies. You must, at a minimum, include both economics and environmental considerations. Write about tradeoffs and opportunity costs in terms of what is gained and lost when resilience strategies are used versus possible alternatives (e.g., taking action only after there has been a damaging storm or after sea level rise is large enough to impact existing infrastructure).
Even resilience strategies have an associated opportunity cost. What do we give up when we use them (think about why communities might resist implementing a resilience strategy RIGHT NOW)? Be sure to include real-world example of a resilience approach in your post and provide a link/citation to what you have found. The post Case Study Analysis first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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