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In this assignment, you will explore the business situation that the Global Green Books Publishing is facing and how it was resolved using effective project management. 
The requirements for the assignments are:
· Read the Mini Case Study attached to the assignment.
· Answer the following questions based on the reading:
1. Who are the stakeholders of this project? Who are the key stakeholders of the project? 
2. What impacts could these requested changes have on the budget? 
3. Could these requested changes also impact the schedule? If so, how? 
4. What is Global Green Book’s process for dealing with changes from their customers? 
5. Do you see any possible issues with this process? 
6. How would you recommend that Global Green Books handle these changes? Who should be involved? 
7. What should Global Green Books do about the conflicting inputs from their customer – the bookstore manager who wants inexpensive eBooks and the professor who wants the best and most up-to-date collection of readings possible for her courses? 
· The paper must be APA-formatted as a Word document.
· SafAssign will be used to check this assignment for plagiarism. Remember to paraphrase in your own words and do not copy directly.
· The length must be a minimum of two pages, excluding the title and reference pages.
· Include at least one reference.

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