Career Success Assignment

 Type of Assignment: Individual 

Total Points: 150 points 

Assignment Objective(s): • Student will gain a deeper knowledge of his/her/they selected branch of the hospitality industry (CLO-2) • Student will meet 1:1 with management team member to gain insight into leadership and operational strategies and tactics (CLO 2-3) • Student will better understand not only the economic impact of this part of the hospitality industry, but also of the financial reporting and analysis of this specific industry (CLO 3 & 4) 

Assignment Description: • Student to write a paper on one (1) area of hospitality management industry of most interest for the student’s career path • Student to select a company and a management person from said company to research and interview. The selected hospitality company can be from any branch, i.e. hotels and restaurants, managed services, recreation, clubs, tourism, transportation, etc. 

Format Requirements: • APA Standards • 5- 10 Pages  

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