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Need a 4 page (4 slide) powerpoint presentation. 
So the theme is, in our class, we are doing a “Shark Tank” presentation. The product will be “Life Ring”.  The demo product we are following to innovate our product, the details are here: “Oura Ring” And the “Apple watch”. So our product will be a mixture of these 2 and the name of our product is “Life ring” . (You can research on google for oura ring or apple watch)
So I want a 4 page powerpoint slide which will cover the broad information in details given below: 
Opportunity assessment (planning phase) 

Company’s mission 
market objectives,
Impact in the market 

Assessment of: 

Consumers (market segmentation) 
SWOT Analysis (talk about  strengths and opportunities to convince  investors) 

You can do the research and you can put any fake data in the slide, that will not be a problem. Please provide detailed reference info and link from where you are collecting the market data.

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