brief overview of the strategies for success d brief description of the manag

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TASK In groups as identified at the beginning of semester you are to prepare a business plan for start up organization ‎‎(use your entrepreneurial skills here!!)‎ You may use a business idea that you would like to set up yourself after you graduate or use a business that you ‎are familiar with and would like to see expand into other areas.‎ ensure that your plan includes the following elements:‎1.‎  Executive summary a.‎  Brief description of the business, its product and services and the customer problems they solve b.‎  Brief overview of the market for your product or service c.‎  Brief overview of the strategies for success d.‎  Brief description of the managerial and technical expertise of key people e.‎  Brief statement of the financial request and how you will use the money ‎2.‎  Vision and Mission a.‎  Vision ‎ b.‎  Mission Statement c.‎  Company Values d.‎  Competitive Advantages ‎3.‎  Company history (as applicable)‎ ‎4.‎  Business and industry profile a.‎  Industry analysis b.‎  Regulatory Restrictions c.‎  Significant Trends d.‎  Growth Rate e.‎Key success factors in the industry f.‎  Outlook for the future 
Our business idea is the expansion of Asnan Tower a leading dental facility in Kuwait that is considered the ‎biggest and the best in the Middle East.‎ In our facility we use nothing but the best for our customers
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