need the answer to only discuss in blackboard.
it should be one page.
no need to write as essay , no need for introduction or conclusion. I want to show as my opinion
– use words like this. i believe. i think
answer all the parts of the question
use the material to answer the question. and also put opinion.
do not write too long sentences.
you should write in comprehensive way.
They are two questions:
:Based on our reading for this week, please answer two questions, be sure question two has two parts.
1.) The evolving higher education landscape is more complex than ever before, especially with technology changing the landscape of higher education. While traditional institutions are beginning to offer online programs, for-profit institutions have led the way. Not only are they meeting the growing demands of the workforce market, but they’re also meeting the needs of students with less of an expense. Most importantly, they invest in new technology, innovate rapidly and have the ability to quickly shift programs based on student demand and preferences. With this in mind, where do you see traditional nonprofit institutions in the next 10 years? Should administrators at traditional nonprofit institutions be concerned?
2.) “With regard to costs, it has been argued that the different institutional norms of the for-profit institutions may enable these providers to reduce costs and achieve greater efficiencies than their peers in the nonprofit sector (Kirp, 2003; Marchese, 1998). The spiraling costs of higher education, at public and private institutions, and the increased burden on individual students, are creating enormous pressure on the nonprofit institutions in the United States and around the world (Duderstadt and Womack, 2003; Ehrenberg, 2000)”
Secondly, carefully read the above from page 11; which was quoted in the late 90s and early 2000s. That said, as technology continues to rapidly evolve, and enrollment growth continues to decline while student debt continues to rise, how can traditional institutions ensure that they’re equipped to meet the growing demands of current and future students? The post blackboard-discussion-1 first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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