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History Signature Assignment

I. Reading Selection:
An article has been selected by the instructor from a scholarly historical periodical from the San Jacinto College Library System. To find additional articles you can click on the link below or search individually.

II. Preparation of Article Analysis:

A. Content (5 Paragraphs) Answer ALL of these questions.

Introduction — Normal College Introduction with paper thesis.

1. Thesis – Explain the topic of the article as well as the author’s main
argument or focus.
2. Evidence – Analyze the sources that the author uses to support his/her thesis. Does
the source support his/her thesis? (Please identify any primary sources used.) What qualifications does the author have that make him/her qualified to write on the subject?
3. Conclusion – Provide comments and/or criticisms of the work. Read and comment
on one or two contrary perspectives on the topic (one must be primary.) How does this issue affect your world today and does is change your outlook in any way or push you toward any action?
Paper Conclusion
B. Style

1.Typewritten, Double-Spaced on Letter-size (8 1/2″ x 11″) Plain White Paper. Font Size must be Times New Roman 12 point
2. Length – at least 500 words

3. Citation – Chicago or Turabian. See below on directions on how to cite the article in the paper.

C. Submission

Download completed paper as a Word attachment in the Common Assessment Paper. See link below.

D. Tutorial Assistance

Take a copy of this instruction page with you and visit the writer’s center in the library on Central Campus if you need assistance and/or have questions regarding how to complete the assignment.

Use the main article by Douglas Linder. You can use the links above to access documents to support your conclusions.

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