ascena case study 1

Questions for individual write-up: (The assignment need to cover chapter 6 Corporate Strategy )

In what ways has Ascena pursued a value enhancing/creating diversification path? In what ways, has the firm pursued diversification for non-value enhancing reasons? Identify at least four total motives and specific actions.
Ascena has largely expanded by using acquisitions. Have they managed the acquisition process well? In other words, how have they made acquisitions work for them? How have they experienced the pitfalls of acquisitions? Identify at least four total items for how they have managed the acquisition process.
In the end, what is your evaluation of Ascenaâ€s corporate strategy? Specifically identify whether you believe they are doing it well or poorly and justify this conclusion.
What recommendations would you have for the firm? Make specific, meaningful recommendations that build from the analysis above.

ALL questions should be answered within three double-spaced pages
Plz show ch6 knowledge or content clearly in the essay.

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