Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help

Argument Form and Fallacy Recognition .Circle the answer that best describes either the form of the argument or the fallacy that most accurately characterizes the argument.  When you download music off the Internet, you are basically stealing that music from the artists and composers and producers who own the rights to that music.  And maybe you think taking a song or two or three is not such a big deal.  But if you think it’s okay to steal music, then maybe next you will think it’s okay to shoplift a few items when you are visiting the mall, and soon you’ll be embezzling money from your employer, and from there it’s not far to robbing banks.  So to avoid a life of crime, don’t start with stealing music through the internet. a.) Strawman Fallacyb.) Appeal to Authority Legitimatec.) Slippery Slope Fallacyd.) Begging the Questione.) Ad hominem Fallacy
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