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For this semester, you will be writing about the social issue of Guns in America.  Your second assignment is to write a 3-5 page paper in which you examine the topic, developing a thesis for your paper. There are several thesis generators available online which will assist you. Use one of them and be sure to list it in your references. Underline the thesis in your paper. You are required to use three peer-reviewed sources, and focus on synthesizing information, evidence, or data to develop and support your thesis.The first part of the assignment is to identify your thesis and outline how you plan to develop it. The completed 3-5 page paper will be due at a later date.For this first assignment, you will need to submit a one page paper with your sources. This paper will briefly explain your thesis and list your sources, as well as the source of the data you plan to include in your finished paper. You will need at a minimum three peer-reviewed sources.Later assignments will include the finished paper and a presentation of your findings to the class.About half of your paper should focus on synthesizing information; the other half on a solution or remedy.ALL work must be in APA format.Submit your assignment as a WORD.doc or WORD.docx document.Edit your paper before submitting.Do not use cliches.Do not plagiarize.
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