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Please answer the following question please with references, no older than 5 years old please.
Question 1
Bacterial sepsis in children beyond the neonatal period has a common presentation of signs and symptoms. Which of the following would be the most typical?
a) Cough, fever, abdominal pain
b) Abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting
c) Irritability, fever, lethargy
d) Vesicular rash, pruritus, fever
Question 2
A 11-year-old child presents with fever, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes. The abdominal exam reveals a spleen tip that is palpable. A throat culture and monospot test results are negative. What would be the next step in the plan of care?
a) Repeat throat culture
b) Bone marrow biopsy
c) Chest radiograph
d) Epstein-Barr titer

Question 3
The nurse practitioner has a differential diagnosis of Lyme disease. Which of the following skin lesion would confirm the diagnosis?
a) Erythema migrans
b) Koplik spots
c) Pustules
d) Scales
Question 4
Which of the following would best reflect the physical presentation in a newborn with Down’s syndrome?
Question 4 options:
a) Pigeon-breasted chest, Brushfield spots, arachnodactyly
b) Hypotonia, large-appearing tongue, small mouth, upward eye slant
c) Microcephaly, flattened philtrum, downward eye slant
d) Lymphadenopathy, coarctation of the aorta, webbed neck

Question 5
What is an expected finding in young infants with cerebral palsy (CP)?
a) Weight gain and increased appetite
b) Reactions to initial vaccines
c) Hypotonia in the first weeks of life
d) Hepatosplenomegaly

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