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Topic: analysing a media representationOrder DescriptionAssessment One: Academic EssayWrite an academic essay analysing a media representation (e.g. an article or editorial from a newspaper, afilm, a YouTube video) in relation to the intercultural concepts of essentialism and non-esssentialism. Youcan consider questions such as: Is the representation essentialist/ non-essentialist in any way? Are anykinds of stereotypes being deployed and how do you account for that portrayal? Is culturist language usedand why is it important to be aware of the effects of language?Your essay should be 900 words, and include at least 2 scholarly references in addition to the text you areanalysing.Marking Criteria• Effective argument and analysis, including use of supporting research• Accuracy and completeness of referencing and appropriateness of sources• Essay structure, clarity of expression, grammar and spelling, correct use of manuscript formatif you need more information, please email me

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