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Lesson Assignment
Research an article on a product that has been recalled due to a serious issue with the product. Be sure to take notes on the product, company, problem and how the company is handling the recall. Provide the website you used to gather your information.
You must then write a media announcement about the recall. The media announcement will appear in the newspaper. Organize your information in a manner that will catch the reader’s attention.

Your task is to write a complaint letter regarding the malfunction of a product and breach of a warranty by the company from which the product was purchased.
You are an unhappy consumer who bought a product that malfunctioned, and the company would not honor the warranty.
The company from which you purchased the product
You went to Super Sneakers to buy a pair of sneakers they had advertised for $75. The advertisement was for a pair of Asic running sneakers. When you arrived at the store, the salesperson told you that that sale expired. So he proceeded to show you other running shoes, focusing in on a pair of $150 running shoes. You told the sales person that you run an average of 5 miles a day. The salesperson explains why the sneakers you bought are the best type for a runner. And he shared with you that they are made well and will endure the runs you do. After paying for the sneakers, the cashier gave you an information sheet regarding the sneakers. The brand of sneakers is Nike and Nike guarantees their product and allows for a year of replacement if stitching comes undone or a sole comes loose. After wearing the sneakers for a week the sole started to fall off the sneakers. You have decided that you want to help other people become aware of common consumer issues.
Product or Performance:
Write a letter to Nike that explains what went wrong and how you think you should be compensated. Be sure to indicate to Nike that you understand the difference between an implied warranty and an express warranty. Also be sure to indicate how they will have violated your consumer rights if they do not replace the shoes.
Create a flyer that identifies common unfair and deceptive practices. Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Work-at Home Schemes, Bait and Switch Advertising, Unordered Merchandise
Standard for Success:
Your letter should include:

When and where you purchased the shoes
What went wrong with the shoes
Specific actions you expect
State Reasonable time for actions
Be sure to use proper business letter formatting

Your flyer should include:

Description of deceptive practices – Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Work-at Home Schemes and Bait and Switch Advertising, Unordered Merchandise
Pictures, Page Border, Title

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