A Weighty Matter Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks to Children Custom Essay

Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks to Children Unhealthy food, popularly known as junk food, is the type of food whose importance to the body is marginal as it aIDs very few nutrients to the body. The greater percentage of most unhealthy foods contains calories, sugar, salt, and fat in alarmingly high quantities. Unhealthy foods also contain aIDitives and preservatives, which are made from chemical substances whose cumulative effect in the body is detrimental. In such foods, essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals are usually in negligible quantities. The physical effect of unhealthy or junk foods is obesity and numerous related complications (Lundborg 2). However, despite the fact that these kinds of food are regarded as unhealthy, many people still go for them. Interestingly, marketing of these foods has influenced people’s purchasing behavior, which is not wholly influenced by the taste of the foods as is expected (Peeters et. al. 3). Companies producing unhealthy food conduct intensive marketing to attract families with children through advertisements, actors, celebrity figures, and gifts (such as toys) to buy their products.
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