a-semester-of-looking-at-different-genres-of-literature-what-ties-do-you-observes-between-life-and-the-art-of-the-written-word-select-a-theme-or-issue-and-at-least-two-works-of-literature-be-it-poem-story-or-play-etc-to-illustrate-this-con | Term Paper Tutors

Final Research Paper
Format: MLA format with a MLA annotated works cited page
Length: minimum 6-8 pages typed
Font and Spacing: Times New Roman 12pt, Double Spaced
References: Use at least 4 sources.
After a semester of looking at different genres of literature, what ties do you observes between life and the art of the written word. Select a theme or issue and at least two works of literature, be it poem, story, or play, etc., to illustrate this connection.
– Define Literature in your introduction. Reflect of its importance. Feel free to quote someone else’s definition, but be sure to reference MLA style. (1/2 -1 page)
– Select an issue or aspect of life that you will be focusing on. Then select at least two works of literature, i.e. poems, plays, songs, stories, or films. Spend time detailing and reflecting on the theme or issue. How is your topic important to the overall human experience? (1-2 pages)
– Next, discuss the works of literature you have selected. Engage them critically; do not just summarize them. Think about what does each piece say about your topic and how it conveys its message. Why are these pieces important? How does the work of art expand and complicate its theme? Does the work tell us something new? (1 1/2 – 2 pages per work of literature)(3-4 pages total)

– Consider the themes of the works. – For your conclusion, what is the overall connection of literature and life? What can we learn from each work? Why do we care about the theme of the words? How do these works of literature, and literature in general, enrich the human condition and experience? (1/2-1 page)
Sample Outline
I. Introduction
A. Literature
1. What is Literature?
2. How does it connect to life?
II. Theme
1.Identify the Theme
2.Why is the theme you selected important?
III.Works of Art
1.Mention the works of Art
IV. Work of Art #1
A.Support #1
B.Support #2
V.Work of Art #2
A. Support #1
B. Support #2
VI. Connections
VII. Conclusion

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