Case 4
In this assignment you will be conducting your own research as well as using the following sources:
Fortune Global 500 (2016). Retrieved from http://fortune.com/global500/list/.
IBISWorld (2017) database found in the Trident Online Library.
Case Assignment
Choose one U.S. and one non-U.S. global company from the 2016 Fortune Global 500 list, and answer the questions that follow. The answers to the questions may be found in annual reports, corporate Web pages, business publications, and/or other sources. Fully document where the information was found.
Let’s assume you are looking for employment and have no restrictions to where you are located. From the Global 500 list, pick two companies (one U.S., and one non-U.S.) and compare and contrast each of them as a potential employer. Also examine industry information from the IBISWorld database to build your response.
The format of your submission is up to you—it can be one or two detailed tables, an essay, or slide presentation with notes/comments. Whichever you choose, include a strong introduction and conclusion as well as a reference list.The post 2016-fortune-global-500-list first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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