2 discussions due in 7 hours

Group Cohesion and ProductivityWatch the video, Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How You Make Toast.Then, using the information and concepts from Chapter 5 of the course text:Identify the point at which piggybacking began to occur within the problem-solving groups and explain its significance.Explain why working in complete silence fostered group effectiveness in the groups shown.Explain why the groups developed more effective instruction models for toast making than individuals.Norms and ConformityA common problem in organizational decision making is groupthink. Consider an example of decision making in your own organizational experience, or from recent history. After summarizing the situation, list the symptoms of groupthink as they occurred. Explain how you think they created a rigid or narrow decision making style that resulted in a poor choice for the group. Remember to cite sources including the course text and at least two other scholarly resources.Required ResourcesTextRead the following chapters in Group behavior in organizations:Chapter 5: Problem SolvingChapter 6: Decision MakingMultimediaPublic Mind: “Groupthink” [Video file]. Retrieved from Films on Demand.This video supports the Norms and Conformity discussion this week.Accessibility Statement (Links to an external site.)Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)Wujec, T. (2013, June). Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast (Links to an external site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_got_a_wicked_problem_first_tell_me_how_you_make_toastThis video supports the Group Cohesion and Productivity discussion this week. This video has closed captioning and a transcript that can be accessed here: https://www.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_got_a_wicked_problem_first_tell_me_how_you_make_toast/transcript (Links to an external site.)Accessibility Statement does not exist.Privacy Policy
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