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Read Chapters 3 and 4 in The Craft of Research and then follow the three steps in section 3.4 to develop a clear statement of your research topic, question, and significance.
In your assignment submission:

State your research topic in the format “I am studying _____ because I want to find out _____ so that my reader can better understand _____” (see p. 45-48).
Explain what problem you are trying to solve (See p. 51-54), including the consequence of not answering your research question (p. 56-58) along with any potential practical applications of answering the question (p. 59-61).
Discuss which humanities disciplines will be relevant to your topic and why (e.g., philosophy, religion, history, literature, art, etc.). Note that some disciplines are more relevant for solving certain kinds of problems, but even when multiple disciplines might be appropriate, focusing on one or more specific disciplines can narrow your research to make it more manageable.

There is no length requirement for this assignment, but your entire explanation will probably not be much more than 1 page long.
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