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Integration of technology to Undertake Global Challenges
Geographically speaking Puerto Rico is an island separated from other bodies of land. New technologies such as the cell phone, the Internet, the Amazon platform and applications such as WhatsApp, among others, allow the interaction of Puerto Rican companies with global markets.
The student must evaluate the main challenges that Puerto Rican artisans have to promote and sell their crafts in markets outside of Puerto Rico. After identifying the main challenge that artisans face, the student must answer, in an argumentative way, the following questions:
What is the main challenge that artisans face to promote and sell their crafts outside of Puerto Rico?
What technology tool (s) (example: preparing a site on wix.com) would you recommend to deal with the main challenge?
How will you use the recommended technology tool (s) to promote and generate sales for artisans?
To answer, the student must:
to. Use a maximum of 150 words
b. Choose font size 12 points Times New Roman or Arial
c. Separate lines to space and a half (1.5)
d. Validate your answer using at least two references
and. Include bibliography of references at the end of the forum

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