1.What are the basic features of ionic and covalent bond?

1.What are the basic features of ionic and covalent bond?
2. How does electronegativity determine bond polarity?
3. Distinguish clearly between ionic and molecular  substances.

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4. Why is resonance an important concept in bonding?
5. Describe the process of hybridization. How do hybrid orbitals differ from unhybridized orbitals?
6. Differentiate bonding forces form intermolecular forces. How does bonding forces affects strength of intermolecular forces?
7. What are  the different types and relative strength of intermolecular forces acting on a substance? Discuss  briefly.
8. What are the common properties of solid and liquid substances? Discuss how these properties is affected by the type and strength of intermolecular forces present on  a given substance.
9. Discuss briefly the different acid-base theories.
10. Differentiate:
A. Organic Acids from Organic Base
B. Strong Acids from Weak Acid
C. Strong Base from Weak Base
11. What are the common features of an organic compound?
12. What is a functional group and why are functional group  important?
13.  A. What is reaction mechanism?
B. Differentiate hemolytic reaction from heterolytic reaction.
C. What are the products formed from this reaction?
14. Describe the different types of organic reactions.
15. What are the two important reactions of alkane? Discuss briefly the industrial and medical applications of these reactions.
16.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using petroleum and natural gas as energy sources.
17. Differentiate constitutional isomers from stereoisomers.
18. Give some examples of alkene formed in nature. State where they can be found and their uses.
19. What are polymers and how are they found from alkene monomer?
20. Discuss briefly plastic recycling. What kind of plastics can be recycled?
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